Pat’s story

I have much to thank God for. First he got me sober after a lifetime of alcoholism. Then he proceeded to get my life manageable, by creating financial storms that brought me again to my knees. I was facing eviction and homelessness. He guided me to Christ City Church (CCC) on 14th Feb 2016. Then CCC paid for me to go to CAP Money. There I began to see solutions to all my financial debt and mess.

I learned that no matter how bad the debt and the financial mess, there was a solution with CAP. God could turn the disaster into victory. It all seemed like Mount Everest to me, but I was assured that one step at a time and with the guidance from CAP it could be overcome.

I was willing to take whatever action was needed. Ideas of tearing up credit cards, putting aside money for bills, cutting down on non-essentials, eating in, using cash for all transactions, putting small amounts into savings, contacting creditors and making plans to pay. Working on income and expenditure, keeping daily records of spending, making a daily, weekly, yearly budget. 

When the assets were liquidated and the banks paid, there was enough left over to buy a small house without a mortgage or rent. Then the CAP plan came into good use. I didn’t have to worry about mortgage or rent. With my income through my pension I could plan to pay my way and make restitution to all the people I owed. CAP showed me how to steward my treasures, time and talents. To owe no man nothing except love and also to leave an inheritance to my family. This all happened in a space of months and is continuing up to today

For the first time in my life, by the grace of God, and CAP, I am free from debt and financial insecurity. Thank you God. Thank you CAP.

(Pat M. County Meath)