Craig’s story

When I was younger, I always found managing money a challenge. In order to fit in, I always wanted more.. As a student, this led to me using credit cards, and ended up having multiple. In 2007, after I’d finished college and a year out with my church, I faced debts of £6,000. As I was beginning my first job, this was already the equivalent of 4 months of my salary. I was worried and concerned that I would never get out of this debt, and it did feel overwhelming.

I knew of CAP, from being in Christian circles, and felt slightly ashamed that I would be calling them. Once I did though, that shame, burden and financial pressure eased. I will never forget the day a CAP Money counsellor came to my house and walked through how CAP would help me. It was a pure sense of relief. Over the next few years CAP supported me as I became debt free. I am so grateful for all they did in my life, and never will I forget the day they came to meet me, pray for me and ease my worries. I am really thankful for CAP and all the great work they do.

(Craig, working in the tech sector in Dublin)